Jan Fuhlendorf: Djembérhythms part 2


1. Kassa: Djembé, Djembé, Dundun, Sangba, Kenkeni, Bells
2. Soli: Djembé, Djembé, Djembé, Djembé, Dundun, Sangba, Kenkeni, Bells
3. Kakilambé: Djembé, Djembé, Djembé, Dundun, Sangba,Kenkeni,Bells
4. Djolé: Djembé, Djembé, Djembé, Dundun, Sangba, Kenkeni, Bells

 Jan Fuhlendorf, djembé-player, musician, danceteacher and author of the "Djembé-Drum-Handbook" is presenting this second CD with four more rhythms of Malinke drumming. All rhythms are seperated into their basic rhythms, played single and put together again. Easily to be learned by beginners and yet an interesting collection of rhythms for advanced drummers.

The malinke-rhythms are played on djembé-drums wich are very common in West Africa.The goatskin-head of the wooden djembé is played with hands only, the set of bass-drums called Dundun, Sangba and Kenkeni has cowskin-heads and is played with sticks. The rhythms are formed by a number of single parts, joining very exactly in sound and tempo into one complex structur. With some songs and solopatterns added, the rhythms are usually played during ceremonies or other important occasions to accompany the dancers. More information in english is available in the CD booklets of Mamady Keita a.o.