Global Drummer WW 116

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1. Koo Wulu ...9.49
2. When the stars fall down, we are on top... 5.19
3. The Earth holds us...4.07
4. Global Song...4.02
5. The Power of Nature...4.16
6. When do we come together...5.28
7. Follow the Drums...9.26
8. Family Business...5.09
9. Nimuendajú...5.06
10. Who is calling me...5.31
11.Everything is alright...3.48

Donald Holtermanns has been involved in percussion music for more than 20 years. For him it is not a matter of simply reproducing the music. His compositions are based on own ideas and notions that demonstrate a profound respect for the origins which create the power of these rhythms and cultures. The world of percussion instruments spans a wide range of sounds, and it is this scope that inspired Holtermanns to form a link between the different cultures. In the process he has provided his rhythmically underdeveloped homeland with a kind of 'musical development aid'.