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With the world at your fingertips you may explore magical trance rituals of Westafrica or Brazil.
You can virtually feel the emotional power of Tango Argentino and you may be seduced by a rugged kind of speedfolk with an eastern flavour, or by the charms of Chamamé. Let WeltWunder Records be your guide through PASSIONATE MUSIC FROM PLANET EARTH !


Weltwunder goes iTunes ! Apparatschik, Dudu Tucci and Nyanyo Addo are already available through commercial download services like iTunes and Rhapsody. More to follow !

New Releases




Ddudu Tucci Nadador

Marialy Pacheco: Mi Azul
 Sabmodromo: Abfahrt !
  Revelling Crooks: From Heaven into hell
Dudu Tucci Nadador
 Chango Spasiuk: The Charm of Chamamé