Various: Heart of Percussion 2 WW 120

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1. Nyanyo Addo: Wo ba wo ba shue 6:02
2. Aja Addy: The Drums are speaking 4:26
3. Mustapha Tettey Addy: Oblogo Lamptey (Remix) 4:08
4. Dudu Tucci: Sampablack 4:59
5. Abacaxí: Yok Yere 3:32
6. Global Drummer: The Earth holds us 3:59
7. Nyanyo Addo: Kaa ya mo 5:49
8. Ibro Konate & Anta: Konja 5:41
9. Mustapha Tettey Addy: Pili Pili 5:22
10. Nyanyo Addo : Morning Sun (Tunez Remix) 4:44
11. Global Drummer: When do we come together 4:10
12. Dudu Tucci: Dandá 2:41


Master drummers like Mustapha Tettey Addy, Aja Addy and Dudu Tucci have built a growing reputation, not only for their timeless recordings but also for intense concert performances, for their work as percussion teachers, and for the ability to pass on cultural traditions. Especially during the last couple of years they have extended their activities to countries like Japan, the UK and Italy, gaining respect and appreciation far beyong a small circle of percussion aficionados.

While the Ghanians, Mustapha Tettey Addy and his nephew Aja Addy, continue to track down the paths of their own heritage, Dudu Tucci and newcomers like Nyanyo Addo extend the boundaries by picking up new ideas, unlikely instruments or influences from different cultures.

Both, the reinterpretations of ceremonial festivities and the new sound experiments have led to a variety of results, which have been passionately observed and edited by the experts in rhythm - Weltwunder Records. Join the groove train !