Tango Real: Inspiración WW 305

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1. Felicia...3.40
2. Nocturna...2.23
3. Gallo Ciego...3.58
4. Celos...3.56
5. Inspiración...4.20
6. Canaro en Paris...3.14

7. Milonga de mis Amores...3.18
8. Quejas de Bandoneon...4.24
9. Danzarín...4.10
10. Payadora...2.59
11. Preparense...3.55
12. Recuerdo...4.16
13. Taquito Militar...2.52
14. Adios Nonino...5.46
15. Corazon de Oro...3.02

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After the success of a cooperation with argentine singer Pablo Banchero ("Tiempos Viejos") this is the first instrumental CD of Tango Reals incarnation as a quarteto.

The CD "Inspiraciòn", a collection of instrumental tango themes, celebrates the music of TANGO REAL QUARTETT, now well into its second year. The quartet had previously recorded a CD with Argentinean singer Pablo Banchero, and came into being following the break-up of the Berlin tango orchestra by the same name.

The interpretations of arrangements by Julian Plaza and Ismael Spitalnik, as well as themes by Astor Piazzolla, are characterised by great "energy and enjoyment" (La Nación). The quartet's current programme has been performed on various occasions at home and abroad, including the International Tango Festivals in Buenos Aires and at 'Kammermusiksaal der Philharmonie' in Berlin.