yet another Dudu Tucci presentation 

Afoxé Loni feat. Dudu Tucci: Drums of Peace

1. Saudações aos Orixás
2. Havamunha Dance
3. Oxossi Caçador/Caboclo
4. Timbalada Ijexá
5. Lavagem
6. Oya
7. Loni é de Berlin
8.Malor que nós só Deus
9. Saudação ao Afoxé Loni
10. Mão de couro


1997: One Day...

... Murah Soares and Krista Zeissig had the beautiful idea of creating an Afoxé block consisting of percussionists, dancers and singers in costume, to take part in the 'Karneval der Kulturen' (Carnival of Cultures) in Berlin.

The Afoxé is one of the aspects of an afro-brazilian culture which Murah has lived in since he was a child. Krista has already been to Salvador, Bahia where she has seen many Afoxé parades.

The Afoxé parade is a spiritual one, which follows the principle that "If the songs for the Orishas are sung in the streets of Salvador the violent energy of the carnival will calm down".

This is what we create in Berlin with our parade, only that Afoxé Loni is also an opportunity for us, musicians and dancers, to thank the cosmic energy for having made us musicians and dancers in this life.

Like the wind moving in space, the Afoxé Loni has reached places beyond Berlin, receiving support from other countries like England, Ireland and italy. The people there have not only joined the Afoxé Loni project but also introduced the Afoxé Loni to their own cultures.

The Afoxé Loni parade has lots of poetry which makes us conscious of the encounter of people of different cultural backgrounds and also it makes us aware of the human duty of planting and achieving peace among ourselves. For this reason Afoxé Loni is yellow and white: Love and Peace. In Afro-Brazilian rituals the colour yellow symbolises Oshum - the Orisha of fresh water, love , sweetness and wealth. The colour white symbolises the great Orishá of peace and vitality: Oshalá or Obatalá, the father of all Orishás.

Today the Afoxé Loni is an international event with thousands of members coming from many diffent cultures, not only Brazilians. And all these people support this movement with dance, drumming, and songs, to thank the universe, to achieve peace, love and respect among us - the duties of mankind.

Dudu Tucci

yet another Dudu Tucci presentation