yet another Dudu Tucci presentation  

Iré Otonoguá : Cajónes para los Orichas CD WW 925 (Double-CD)

CD 1
1. Elegguá
2. Ogun
3. Ochosi
4. Inlé
5. Oricha Oko
6. Osain
7. Babalú Ayé
8. Kori koto
9. Ibeyi
10. Dadá
11. Aggayú Solá

CD 2

1. Changó
2. Obatalá 
3. Obá
5. Oyá 
6. Yemaya 
7. Orulá 
8. Ochún
9. Elegguá

History of Iré Otonoguá

The folkloric group Iré Otonoguá was founded in Havana Cuba in 1975. The group has always had the objective of preserving the music of cuban santeria abakuá and other manifestations of chants and music of african origin by using the cajones (wooden boxes) and the guiro (chekeré) as the main instruments. Pedro Manual Oxamendi Chacon is the only founder who is still active. The group Iré Otonoguá takes advantage of the virtuosism of its musicians creating their own style, different to what is commonly played in Havana.

Iré Otonoguá's musical energy and presence convinced me to produce their first CD. Until now the world not had the opportunity to listen to this kind of music. It's a pioneering work in which pure cajon msic is fused with santeria songs dedicated to the orishas. Their music is the mixture of several cuban musical styles like the batá rhythms, ijesá, arará, ñongo, chachalokpfun as well as palo, makuta and many other influences.

I am happy and proud to present the music of Iré Otonoguá to the world.

Dudu Tucci

yet another Dudu Tucci presentation