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NEW: Aja Addy & Tsui Anaa: Live Refreshment WW 118-2


Live RefreshmentAfter two successful solo releases 'Live Refreshment' is the first regular CD by Aja Addy's band Tsui Anaa ( = patience) . It has been recorded in october 1998 at a live concert in Bremen, Germany. Live Refreshment covers traditional songs and rhythm of the Ga people in Ghana, westafrica. They are played at ceremonies as well as parties and dance festivities.

"My father was a drummer", explains masterdrummer Aja Addy, "so I learned how to drum and to dance from him. He has taught me the songs we play in our concerts. They are from the villages in the Greater Accra region and you'll hear them at any occasions, when a baby is born, at parties, weddings and funerals All my musicians are Ga, a people of fishermen, hunters, carpenters or masons like me. My familiy taught me how to work with cement. What kind of job you get depends on the region where you live. For example I lived near the river so I learned how to swim and fish, but when the river carried no water, we had to hunt, so I learned all this, but in different seasons. Once every year we go to Ghana to say hello to my family and to have the ceremonies. I also teach my students there."

1. Fume Fume (bending)... 10.30
2. The drums are speaking...4.31
3. Alewola (you know us quite well)...8.07
4a Dabila (no,never)
4b Amandjolo (dancing, from ancient times onward)...6.24
5. Djem Pe Du (call the world to help) ...15.15
6. Announcement...2.17
7. Tema Obla Yei (woman from Tema)...9.24
8. Tema Obla Yei (Acapella reprise)...2.38

total playing time: : 59.08



Aja Addy: Power and Patience WW 103-2


Aja: Power and Patience


Influenced by his work as a tigari priest, the nephew of Mustapha Tettey Addy combines the power of the Kpanlogo drum with the more relaxed highlife rhythms of Ghana. 'Power and Patience' is Aja's first solo effort after various tours and albums with Reinhard Flatischler's MegaDrums ensemble.


1. Gome Music...4.52
2. Dzigbo...5.05
3. Ballaphone Sound...5.06
4. Adschó...5.34
5. E-ba ni-e-ba...3.53
6. Adaawe...6.03
7. Lolo...4.59
8. Kanya...4.58
9. Come to Dinner...5.05
10. Camel Walk...5.34


Aja Addy: The Medicine Man WW 109-2


Aja: Medicine MAN


It is no coincidence that the second album by Aja Addy is called 'The Medicine Man'. His music inherits healing powers and offers the possibility to get reconnected with the body. Aja addy spends part of the year in Ghana where he is involved in healing ceremonies.

2. Stomach Medicine...5.42
3. Fume fume...5.40
4. Walking is dancing...5.37
5. Cool down...5.40
6. Odono talking...5.38
7. Bell Music...6.08
8. Move your body...6.20



Nyanyo Addo: He's in Trance now WW 113-2


Nyanyo: He's in Trance now




Drummers play a crucial role in West African ritual trance ceremonies. Nyanyo Addo, who has been living in Düsseldorf for a number of years now, has based the compositions of his debut CD on the rich traditions of West African trance rhythms, to which he feels strongly attached.

1. Wo Ba Wo Ba Shue...6.04
2. Africa Jao...5.12
3. Aklowa Ko Ye...5.13
4. Nagala Djo...5.45
5. Asafoyo...4.44
6. Otofo Yo...5.03
7. Womba Djo...6.12
8. Kaa Ya Mo...5.52
9. Pamplo Lala...4.35
11. Aklowa Ko Ye (Remix)...5.14
12. Asafoyo (Remix)...5.22


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