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Apparatschik plays 'Volxmusik' - from merciless polkas and crooked tangos to sentimental lovesongs. Based on the sound of the accordeon and the balalaika, Apparatschik offers a rugged kind of dance music: energetic and fast, but sometimes melancholic too...

 Machorka Tabakistan

must be the only spot on earth which even the inhabitants don't know whether it is still in the east or already in the west. This is also caused by the geographical situation of the isle on 180° longitude.

In 1867, when Russia and the USA were negociating about Alaska, the Aleuts and other northwest-eastern territories, Machorka Tabakistan was simply forgotten. Only afterwards this faux-pas was noticed. Ever since both sides have denied the existance of the island and it has disappeared from all sea charts....

Lots of inhabitants left their home. Descendants of these emigrants formed a band in the west that loudly but sensitively draws attention to the unique musical culture of Machorka Tabakistan: Apparatschik.


 current line-up:

Olég Matrosov Voc, Balalaika, guitar
Ivan Matrosov Violine, back-vocals
Roman Sabaschkin Bass, back-voc
Jurij Bajan Bajan
Desto Trotzki Drums