Mustapha Tettey Addy

- Selected Discography -


NEW: Mustapha Tettey Addy & Obonu Drummers : Smart Boys CD WW 117-2


1. Oblogo Lamptey...6.01
2. We don't know,God knows...6.53
3. Shake your Body...5.38
4. I want to say I love you... 5.25
  5. Ekulele Duame...5.30
  6. Negba Negba ...7.56
  7. If you don't work, don't eat...8.14
  8. Come let's dance...6.00
  9. Oblogo Lamptey(Remix)...4.11


The pelvic twist of Elvis & Chubby Checker is rooted deeply in African rhythm and dance. The social and ritual music of Ghana played a crucial role in providing the rhythmic basis to American Rock'n Roll.

This time reknown Masterdrummer Mustapha Tettey Addy and his Obonu Drummers blend the songs of their childhood with the Highlife, Kpanlogo and Gome rhythms of their home country Ghana to build the foundation for the AFRICAN WAY OF ROCK'N ROLL !


Mustapha Tettey Addy: Come and drum CD WW 101-2


1. Pepe-Didim,Pepe...9.46
2. Dum-Tititi, Dum-Titi, Kpasch Kpasch...9.20
   3. Pasch Pasch Pasch, Kpa-Kpa...7.10
   4. Bleckete...4.17
5. Nana, Na-Na, Nana...9.44
   6. Dum Titi...5.58
   7. Dum-Pepe Dum...4.01

The album for jazzdance and percussion workshops. Recorded in 1979 in a church in Düsseldorf, 'Come and drum' showcases complex rhythm patterns played by master drummer Mustapha Tettey Addy as well as the irresistable treatment of percussion and drum instruments of two german friends.

Mustapha Tettey Addy & Obonu Drummers: The Royal Drums of Ghana CD WW 102-2


1. Waka...8.23
2. Bambalumba...4.16
3. Besrami...3.20
   4. Oshika...5.32
   5. Oko...4.16
   6. Tentensholong...3.15
   7. Ooyaa...4.09
   8. Obriwe...2.22
   9. Benkpe...7.00.


An introduction to the music of various tribes and royal houses of Ghana, played on big Obonu drums at festivities and funerals. First international recording of these sacred 'Royal Drums of Ghana'.


MustaphaTettey Addy & Friends: Come and dance CD WW 105-2

1. Come and dance...5.51
2. Herbal Man...9.21
3. Coming home...10.54
   4. Fantiakom-Kundum...6.00
   5. Five Moves !...12.18
   6. Ogbalegba...5.02
   7. Adaha...7.57



In 1992 Ghana's masterdrummer reunited with Rolf Exler and Michael Küttner to explore musical landscapes between traditional westafrican percussion and jazz-infused sound meditations on 'Come and dance'.


Mustapha Tettey Addy: Secret Rhythms CD WW 113-2


1. We don't know...10.34
2. Pili Pili (Vocal)...5.32
3. Gomi (Instrumental)...7.59
   4. Oshika...6.23
   5. Fohe...5.14
   6. Secret Rhythm...6.36
   7. Greetings...7.43
   8. Pili Pili (Instrumental)...5.26
   9. Gomi (Vocal)...7.58


Mustapha Tettey Addy invites you to make the acquaintance of 'Secret Rhythms' which are not only raw and pure but also peculiar and infectious. The West African drumming instruments Djembé, Atumpan, Blekete and Gome drum heard on this CD are performed with great intensity and clarity by one of the most influencial drummers of Africa.

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