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"As if possessed by tango, the musicians from Tango Real Quartett have the atmosphere of the Buenos Aires suburbs in their blood and the dock area rhythms at their fingertips."

La Nacion, Buenos Aires


NEW: Tango Real Quartett: Inspiración CD WW 305-2

inspiracionAfter the success of a cooperation with argentine singer Pablo Banchero ("Tiempos Viejos") this is the first instrumental CD of Tango Reals incarnation as a quarteto.

The CD "Inspiraciòn", a collection of instrumental tango themes, celebrates the music of TANGO REAL QUARTETT, now well into its second year. The quartet had previously recorded a CD with Argentinean singer Pablo Banchero, and came into being following the break-up of the Berlin tango orchestra by the same name.

The interpretations of arrangements by Julian Plaza and Ismael Spitalnik, as well as themes by Astor Piazzolla, are characterised by great "energy and enjoyment" (La Nación). The quartet's current programme has been performed on various occasions at home and abroad, including the International Tango Festivals in Buenos Aires and at 'Kammermusiksaal der Philharmonie' in Berlin.



1. Felicia...3.40

2. Nocturna...2.23

3. Gallo Ciego...3.58

4. Celos...3.56

5. Inspiración...4.20

6. Canaro en Paris...3.14

7. Milonga de mis Amores...3.18

8. Quejas de Bandoneon...4.24

9. Danzarín...4.10

10. Payadora...2.59

11. Preparense...3.55

12. Recuerdo...4.16

13. Taquito Militar...2.52

14. Adios Nonino...5.46

15. Corazon de Oro...3.02


TANGO REAL: Milongueando en Berlin WW 301-2


tango Real.milongueando.cover'Milongueando' is a colloquial term from Buenos Aires, it means 'to drift from one night-spot to the next'. This way of turning night into day has captivated tango-fanatics not only from the banks of the Rio de la Plata.

Like in its mother country, Tango Argentino now witnesses a renaissance in Europe and the US . Although the heyday of tango, when Osvaldo Pugliese, Anibal Troilo or Francisco Canaro and their orchestras went touring around the whole world is history today, the spirit of the30's and 40's is still alive in sextetos like Sexteto Mayor from Buenos Aires or TANGO REAL from Berlin.

The Sexteto was founded in 1994 as one of the few real tango-orchestras outside of Argentina. In TANGO REAL's arrangements the essence of tango - its pulse, cantability and emotional intensity - combines with the six musicians' personal expression. They reflect the contact and cooperation with renowned tango musicians such as Rodolfo Mederos or Nestor Manconi as well as the communication with the audience during tango-balls, concerts or major tango-festivals.


For this recording TANGO REAL has chosen some top-flight and timeless compositions of e.g. Julio de Caro or Osvaldo Pugliese and rearranged them in their distinctive way. These 15 diamonds of instrumental tango reveal the joy of these musicians from Berlin and they prove that tango hasn't lost anything of its liveliness.

The CD was recorded at Sender Freies Berlin, one of Germany's leading radio stations.


1. 9 de Julio...2.58

2. El Pollo Ricardo...3.45

3. Mala Junta...3.59

4. Papas Calientes...2.28

5. Canario en Paris...5.42

6. Cuando Llora La Milonga...3.10

7. Romantica...3.29

8. Recuerdo...3.03

9. Amurado...3.23

10. A Fuego Lento...2.59

11. Ojos Negro...4.56

12. Nostalgico...5.01

13. Milonguita...2.59

14. El Andariego...4.09

15. Taquito Militar...3.07



TANGO REAL & PABLO BANCHERO: Tiempos Viejos WW 303-2



Upon being invited, the Berlin sextet TANGO REAL were more than pleased to be given the opportunity to play the third 'World Tango Festival', the 'Cumbre Mundial del Tango', and embarked on a tour on which their first port of call was Montevideo in Uruguay. Here the six German musicians had the honour of playing three concerts to the delight of an enthusiastic audience at a festival which not only boasts 500 artists from 17 countries, but also attracts fans and tango dancers from all over the world. Following the conclusion of the two-week 'World Tango Summit', and fuelled by the chance of giving five further concerts in six days, TANGO REAL took the opportunity to make the short trip across the Rio de la Plata and venture into tango's homeland Argentina, and play, among others, in such well-known and venerable tango venues as Club Almagro and Café Tortoni.


Full of inspiration at the end of their Latin america trip, they went into the Melopea studios for a recording session which laid the foundation for their second CD release, this time round with the argentinean singer PABLO BANCHERO. Further recordings were scheduled for PABLO BANCHERO's return visit to Berlin creating a link between the old times - Tiempos Viejos - and a new chapter in the band's history, now as a quartet.


1.Tiempos Viejos...3.17

2.Tango argentino...3.00

3.Ventanita de Arrabal...3.14

4. Milonga sentimental...2.34

5. Preparate pal' Domingo...2.46

6. El Ciruja...2.43

7. El Choclo...2.37

8. Duelo criollo...3.59

9. El pañuelito..2.41.


11. No hay tierra como la mia...2.56

12. Te aconsejo que me olvides...3.58

13. Muñeca brava...2.30


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