Puro Apronte: Always "Under Pressure" !


Puro Apronte


Peter Reil, Bandoneon (left)

was born in Bruchsal, Germany. He began playing Cello at the age of six and since 1978 his musical interests have been dominated by tango and the bandoneon. He established his first tango ensemble at 23 and became a member of 'Tiempo de Tango' in 1986. The next project consisted of putting together the group 'El Desbande' with Coco Nelegatti and Thilo Burkhard. He took part in theatre productions and gave numerous performances with the singer and guitarist Humberto Cosentino. During 1995 and 1996 he played bandoneon and arranged compositions for TANGO REAL and participated in 'Cumbre Mundial del Tango' in Granada and Montevideo. He worked as a bandoneon player and arranger in Buenos Aires from November 1996 to May 1997. Since autumn 1997 Reil is a member of Tango Andorinha in Dresden.


Robert Schmidt - Piano (right)


studied classical piano at the Cologne College of Music under Professor Aloys Kontasky. He even gave live performances and appeared on television while still at university, not only as a soloist but also as part of a duo. Following the conclusion of his studies, his musical interests initially turned to jazz and improvised music. He discovered tango as a result of his interest in the works of Astor Piazolla. In 1994 he formed the ensemble TANGO REAL. Concert trips as a tango pianist took him throughout Europe and also to Uruguay and Argentina. During such tours Robert schmidt played with famous Argentinean musicians which included appearances on wellknown Argentinean television shows.


Puro Apronte: Quatro Manos con el Tango WW 304-2


The years of working together in various tango ensembles triggered the idea for a duo, providing both musicians with the opportunity of demonstrating the full range of their intruments. Irrespective of the virtuosity and complexity of the arrangments, the duo's energy-laden music remains deeply rooted in the traditions of the tango. The style, interpretation and repertoire clearly demonstrate the influence of one of Argentina's tango greats - Alfredo Gobbi.

1. Orlando Goñi...3.32
2. La Víruta...2.34
3. El Andariego...3.17
4. A Media Luz...2.26
5. Inspiracion...3.42
6. La Puñalada...1.45
7. Silbando...2.47
8. Camandulaje...3.35
9. El Amenecer...2.42
10. Sin Vuelta de Hoja...3.37
11. Quejas de Bandoneon...3.18
12. La Cachila...2.57
13. La Catrera...2.51
14. Milonga de mis Amores...3.08
15. De Puro Guapo...3.13
16. Mi Noche Triste...3.39



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