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In the last 9 years WELTWUNDER RECORDS became known worldwide for topflight african and brazilian percussion recordings. International artists fom Africa and Latin America, but also home-made samba groups and sound artists have found a place to go now. Centre stage at Weltwunder Records are acustical, handmade recordings and musicians who are rooted in their traditions but still open for new directions.Dance and movement but also the joy of listenig to heartfelt music have become a trademark of 15 percussive productions of WeltWunder Records until today.Three compilations are good examples for the label's philosophy:

Drum and dance !


Various Artists: The Heart of Percussion WW 111-2

'The Heart of Percussion' surveys the label's main focus: percussion music. Starting with Aja Addy and Mustapha Tettey Addy, the famous masterdrummers from Ghana, continuing with trance specialist Dudu Tucci from Brazil and leading to new releases from german afrosamba bands. A perfect mid-price introduction to the wonderful world of percussion.

1. Aja Addy: Lolo 4.59

The releases of WeltWunder Records are not made for chart success, nevertheless WeltWunder has reached some small scale successes we are quite proud of: In 1992 the snake-dance 'Lolo' of the ghanaean 'Medicine Man' was a fast mover on the dancefloor of the well-known Mambo Inn - club in London, the same applies to the following tune.


2. Mustapha Tettey Addy & Friends: Coming home 10.54


To get the head calm and refreshed - a massage for mind and body - this is the intention of Mustapha's third recording for WeltWunder Records 'Come and dance', which was recorded with his long time companions Rolf Exler and Michael Küttner. But 'Coming home' is more or less a massage for your legs !


3. Pearls of Percussion: GalAO 5.43


'You better do the samba!' documents the vital samba scene of Germany. These sometimes up to 70 members big samba 'schools' are not merely imitating the well-known brazilian forerunners like Olodum or timbalada, sambagroups like Pearls of Percussion from Hamburg implement their own creative ideas. ' GalAO ' is a composition by Paul Lazare, which showcases the strong african roots of the samba.


4. Dudu Tucci: Ogumalé 7.10


In afro-brazilian Candomblé Ogum is the god of agriculture, of iron and of war. Dudu Tucci was initiated into the world of the Orishás at early childhood and the recordings for 'Obàtimalé' and 'Orishás' gave him the possibility for a creative rework of these sacred rhythms.


5. Mustapha Tettey Addy & Obonu Drummers: Bambalumba 4.16


The unique recording of the obonu drums from the royal houses and tribes in Ghana was requested to be on two compilations of the american label Ellipsis Arts. One of them, 'Global Meditation', became the best-selling world music album of 1993. Bambalumba tells the story of a man who loves money, but doesn't like to work.


6.Mustapha Tettey Addy: Nana, Na-Na, Nana 8.20


This song hasn't lost anything of its driving and dance-animating effect, one of the highlights of THE percussion classic: 'Come and drum' 1978 recorded in only one day in a church in Düsseldorf.


7. Aja Addy: Stomach Medicine 5.44


4 years after his first solo release, Aja Addy went into a studio again to record a follow-up. This track showcases the energy, the skills and the pure joy which caracterizes the tigari priest from Ghana.


8. Dudu Tucci: Bom Batuque (Doutor ) 2.54


Originally written as a short introduction to one of the powerful sambas on 'Obatimalé' I liked this little earcatcher so much, that I asked Dudu to extend it into a regular tune. But why don't we hear a diamond like this more often on the radio ?


9. Samburgo: Revolta Olodum 4.01


All samba groups in Germany owe a lot to the brazilian in exile, Dudu Tucci. He was and still is their teacher and their inspiration. In the last two or three years Grupo Cultural Olodum from Salvador de Bahia also had a growing impact on some of the german samba groups. This Olodum cover showcases all qualities of Samburgo from Hamburg: The crystal voice of Inka Niewert, the sharp surdo drums plus a smooth arrangement.


10. Dudu Tucci: Ijesha 5.03


A fascinating and complex world, the world of the orishás, the afro-brazilian gods. Ijesha for example is synonymous for the name of a candomblé nation which worships Oshun, Oshun is the orishá of love and motherhood, his colour is yellow.


10. Aja Addy: Ballaphone Sound 5.06


A smooth rocking melody for a change, played on the ballaphone, a wooden xylophone from west africa. Aja Addy successfully works as a percussion teacher in germany. Like Dudu Tucci he has participated in several MegaDrums tours of reknown austrian percussionist Reinhard Flatischler.


11. Mustapha Tettey Addy & Friends: Herbal Man 9.21

With Mustapha Tettey Addy and his friends we dive into the secret world of the jungle, in a mediative state of mind we are searching for herbal plants. 'Herbal man' is one of WeltWunder's favourites - and probably a good finale for this very personal collection.


Various Artists: You better do the Samba WW 108-2


For more than ten years now germany sees a fast growing samba movement with more than 100 bands, which are heavily influenced by brazilian percussion master Dudu Tucci and established afro-blocos like Olodum or Timbalada. 'You better do the Samba' features 12 of the most creative german blocos.


Track listing

1. Kabiyesala (Tittmoning): O yowo no caminho 6.00

2. Rolf Exler & Sambazillus (Düsseldorf): Samba Walzer 6.00

3. Brill un Fuss (Köln): Dätutnix 4.40

4. Pearls of Percussion (Hamburg): GalAO 5.45

5. Pica Pau: ¿ Can a god die (Augsburg) ? 4.46

6. Virada: MoSambaZa (Hamburg) 6.33

7. Terra Brasilis: Swing (Berlin) 5.21

8. Samburgo: Geh' doch los (Hamburg) 3.36

9. Quizumba: Abmuziqu (München) 4.24

10. Confusão: Une Africaine á Brême (Bremen) 7.00

11.Macondo: O Elefante e a barata (München) 4.52

12. Samba Tété: Samba Puro (Berlin) 7.31

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