Mustapha Tettey Addy : Smart Boys WW 117

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1. We don't know...10.34
2. Pili Pili (Vocal)...5.32
3. Gomi (Instrumental)...7.59
4. Oshika...6.23
5. Fohe...5.14
6. Secret Rhythm...6.36
7. Greetings...7.43
8. Pili Pili (Instrumental)...5.26
9. Gomi (Vocal)...7.58

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The pelvic twist of Elvis & Chubby Checker is rooted deeply in African rhythm and dance. The social and ritual music of Ghana played a crucial role in providing the rhythmic basis to American Rock'n Roll.

This time reknown Masterdrummer Mustapha Tettey Addy and his Obonu Drummers blend the songs of their childhood with the Highlife, Kpanlogo and Gome rhythms of their home country Ghana to build the foundation for the AFRICAN WAY OF ROCK'N ROLL !