Chango Spasiuk: The Charm of Chamamé WW 601

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The passionate accordion player and composer Chango Spasiuk transforms the Chamamé, a marginated rural 'dance' music, into an highly elaborated artform presented mainly in concert settings. His role can be compared to that of his compatriot Astor Piazzolla who added jazz elements and a classical note to the Tango.





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01,	Governor Virasoro 
02,	Song for Ñande Reta Song for my land  
03,	Prelude for a hummingbird 
04,	Poison 
05,	Chamamé en mi bemol «The cloud of dust» 
06,	Saint George 
07,	Improvisation for the Hoshiuv Virgin 
08,	The happiness that makes you cry 
09,	Besela doroha «Happy way» in Ucranian 
10,	Starosta «God father» in Ucranian 
11,	Ivanco «Little John» in Ucranian 
12,	Posadas 
13,	Pynandy Whitout shoes 
14,	Scenes of the life on the edge 
15,	Good Bye Beatriz 
16,	Dark cat 
17,	JoseÞna 
18,	Misiones 
19,	Sólo para mí ( Mercedes Sosa - voice)