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Marialy Pacheco Bio

"My music comes from the heart, it's the only way I can really express myself. The one thing I want to do in my life, is to play the piano - I can't live without it !"

Music is part of everyday life in Marialy Pacheco's family home - Singing and playing the piano. Bach and Bartok is daily bread to her parents. Born in 1983 it soon is obvious for the young girl from Cuba that she must play the piano. But musical education in Cuba isn't an easy road. After school the children have additional lessons in Harmony and Composition; and History of music. And of course: a lot of practice. But not what one would think in Cuba: Mambo, Son and Cha-Cha-Cha - only classical music and nothing else.
The passion for Jazz and Tradition comes much later: At La Habana College of Music, which Marialy attends from the age of 15. It's in the backyard of this school where the students share their love for Ruben Gonzales, Oscar Peterson and Keith Jarrett. Outside the classic-orientated lessons Marialy exchanges CD's and videos with fellow students, they visit Jazz clubs and practise the art of improvisation, in their precious free time.
At about the same time Marialy takes up playing the piano for her mother's renowned Choir: VocaLeo.
A year later she travelles for the first time out of Cuba to Spain - to take part in the Festival for Young Talent.

A turning point in Marialy's life is the participation in a Cuban talent contest for young musicians. For the first time she plays the music she loves to a public audience: A lively combination of Cuban/Latin Jazz, acoustic, percussive, melodious and passionate. As the only female competitor, she impresses the head of the Jury, Chucho Valdez so much that she wins first prize: Her own CD, produced by Ibrahim Ferrer's Pianist, Roberto Fonseca, an influx of invitations follows to play in Jazz clubs. Marialy Pacheco also plays briefly with the Latin Jazz band Mezcla, but leaves again to form her own trio.
In summer 2004 the young lady from La Habana attends the Choir Olympics in Bremen, Germany, together with her mother's Choir VocaLeo. In Bremen Marialy meets the double-bass player David Jehn and the drummer Eddie Filipp. It's the magic of their play that requires a return visit in spring 2005 to record 'Bendiciones' - 'Blessings'. Marialy composes the title track 'Blessings' a couple of days before she left Cuba to express her thankfulness not only to her family and to her piano teachers, but also to life in general which gave her the gift to express her feelings through her piano playing.
This CD features Marialy's own compositions, as well as some compositions by legendary Cuban artists, two of which are sung by Mamel Aguirre.
A CD produced in a phase of life full of uncertainty and searching, but certainly an exciting moment in her life.