Marialy Pacheco Trio: Bendiciones ww 602

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Cuba + Jazz - everything's said and played ? Not at all, if you listen to this young pianist from La Habana. 

On this CD you will find cuban classics as well as Marialy's own compositions Marialy Pacheco confronts Cuban rhythms like Son, Cha-Cha and Bolero with the possibilities of modern jazz piano. Playful, lyrical and sometimes powerful too, Marialy invents and walks around her own melodies. She uncages well-known songs from their tradition - in a touching fashion

Apart from eight Instrumentals you will find two classicos del musica cubana , faithfully sung by Mamel Aguirre from Chile.





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1.  Raíces
2.  El Bodeguero
3.  Bendiciones
4.  Veinte Años
5.  Así y ya
6.  A Puerto Padre
7.  Kid
8.  Tres Palabras
9.  Nona Chá