Dudu Tucci: Native Dreamer WW 110

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1. Yemanjá...3.57
2. Caminho...3.24
3. Drum it up...4.03
4. Jingô...5.07
5. Um...4.25
6. Canto do Espaço...4.29
7. Vou Sambar...3.31
8. Sarajevo...4.18
9. Vadiagem...3.3
11. Bate...5.02
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 The 'Native Dreamer' has created a collection of songs which features the poetic and melodic side of an artist with many facets. Sensual ballads and samba titles full of swing plus brazilian dancefloor make an irresistible mix which still not forgets the percussive abilities of a masterdrummer. 'Native Dreamer' also showcases the saxophone of Wolfgang Puschnig from Austria and american bass player Kay Eckhardt de Camargo.