Dudu Tucci: Inaê WW 121

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1. Batucagé 4:39
2. Carnaval 5:13
3. Segura o passo 4:21
4. Cielo abierto 5:41
5. Imagem 4:09
6. Inaê 6:25
7. Mar 4:33
8. Pássaro de migração 5:22
9. Cabecile 4:04
10. Luana 6:39
11. Balaio 5:49
12. Estrela 3:57
13. Aluar 4:52
 14. Amazonia 3:33
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 Dudu Tucci from Brazil is THE ambassador of Afro-Brazilian percussion all over Europe. He also has an excellent reputation as an exceptional musicician and a composer with enormous creativity. On his new album, INAÈ, the rhythms from the north-eastern region of Brazil play a crucial role. You can feel the musical history of Bahia; exciting, vibrant and very emotional. Dudu Tucci says: "Music is my religion and my therapy; only music can heal us from our pain." In his lyrics, he comments on social and political topics with wit and analytic strength. With his band, Dudu Tucci embraces the whole musical spectrum from gentle bossa ballads tosamba reggae to funk and mangue beat. He surprises us with his stylistic variety, even presenting a salsa sung in Spanish. The 14 songs are dedicated to the beauty of his homeland. His roots are picked up and developed in new directions. As a composer, Tucci works on the emergence of something new and innovative growing out of the tradition. As a percussionist, he remains the supreme Brazilian conga master that he has been for the last two decades.