Dudu Tucci: Amacy - Cantos de Umbanda WW 124

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1 Abertura
2 Canto A Exe	
3 Defumação
4 Defumação II	
5 Saudação A Pemba
6 Saudação A Ogum
7 Saudação A Ogum Beira-Mar
8 Saudação A Xangô
9 Saudação A Oxossi
10 Saudação A Obaluaê
11 Saudação As Crianças
12 Saudação A Yemanja
13 Saudação A Oxum
14 Saudação A Yansã
15 Hino Da Umbanda
16 Saudação Ao Caboclo Flecha Vermelha
17 Saudação Ao Caboclo Ubiratã
18 Saudação As Almas
19 Saudação Aos Pretos Velhos
20 Saudação Aos Pretos Velhos II
21 Saudação Aos Pretos Velhos III
22 Saudação À Cabocla Yamar	
23 Canto A Yemanja
24 Saudação Ao Povo Da Bahia
25 Saudação Ao Povo Da Bahia II
26 Encerramento
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The brazilian born percussionist Dudu Tucci has fulfilled a dream with his 7th CD. The UMBANDA songs have played a major role in his spiritual and his musical education in São Paulo. Dudu Tucci already sang these songs at the age of 11, and they have taught him a lot about life and death, about rhythms, faith, love and respect. UMBANDA is a brasilian religion, a mixture of indian and african shamanism. A religion which worships the forefathers and which is deeply combined with the natural elements; the forest, the beach, waterfalls, rivers, oceans and the desert. T he word UMBANDA comes from Sanskrit and literally means 'The limit of the unlimited'. In the umbanda religion AMACY is a liquid made with sacred herbs which is poured over the head of the iniciated at the baptism. The rhythms of UMBANDA have many roots: Candombé de Angola, Catimbó, Baião and Samba, whheras the melodies reflect a Portugese descent. The UMBANDA songs and religion are still very important in Brazil today, at all levels of society. Especially for the individual who is on its path to the source of life.