Marialy Pacheco : mi Azul WW 603


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1. mi Azul
2.Son de la loma
3. Son Cuba
4. En el camino
5. El manisero
6. La Luz, La Fe, La unión
7. Chanomonk
8. mSnow
9. Tres lindas cubanas
10. Silencios


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"The blue of the sky over Cuba is completely different
to that in Germany," comments the 23 year-old Marialy Pacheco. And well may she know, for a combination of chance, love and curiosity has brought the native Cuban to Bremen, and from there she is winning the hearts of an astonished audience.

Mi Azul, "my Blue" is the title of Marialy's first solo album, "because blue is the colour, the mood, that covers every key of my instrument."
Marialy has found here a very fine balance between the Cuban tradition, Jazz and her classical training. Inspired, she takes up the melodic thread and develops her own absolutely original, lyrical sound. She brings to these well-sailed straits her enormous talent for highly nuanced improvisation, and eventually turns back into the safe port of Afrocubanismo.

Not to forget her impressively self-confident compositions, which need not hide in the shadow of the classical masters. Marialy's art cannot by trimmed to fit into convention or category. In her playing is the unity of youth and experience, both the carefree and the care-full desire to live and create.

The breadth of feeling poured out through this music is enormous. She stretches from melancholic poetry in mSnow to furious outbreaks in Chanomonk, up to the expression of overflowing joy in Son de la Loma. In perhaps the best instance, La Luz, la Fe, la Unión (The Light, the Faith, the Union) reflects all of these moods, united in one piece.

Mi Azul will make you addicted, speechless and curious.
Mi Azul reveals the intimate side of the Caribbean.