Dudu Tucci: Nadador WW 125

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Here you  will find sound excerpts 
of all titles plus english translations of the lyrics !
(translated by Anny Schaphoff)

1. Forte Rede | rm | mp3 | lyrics
2. Cava Asfalto| rm | mp3 | lyrics
3. Estrada| rm | mp3 | lyrics
4. Azuluanda| rm | mp3 | lyrics
5. Nadador| rm | mp3 | lyrics
6. Alegria Esverdeada| rm | mp3 | lyrics
7. Lagoa| rm | mp3 | lyrics
8. Meio Termo| rm | mp3 | lyrics
9. Cidade| rm | mp3 | lyrics
10. Jangadeiro| rm | mp3 | lyrics
11. Shakehands| rm | mp3 | lyrics
12. Vocalize| rm | mp3 | no lyrics !
13. Tem un preco| rm | mp3 | lyrics
14. Cava rede RMX| rm | mp3 | lyrics
15. Gol Glorifica RMX| rm | mp3 | lyrics
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Translating the title of this latest CD simply as "swimmer" does not convey the whole meaning. In "Nadador", Dudu Tucci also deals with the element which carries the swimmer: water. Water as a medium and as a symbol of the flow of life, of opportunity and of change.

The word Nadador can also be interpreted as the combination of two words: Nada Dor ­ No Pain. The vivid and associative word cascades of the title song hint at this hidden meaning of the word.
From the initial peaceful gaze at the sky, which then fastens onto planes transporting armaments, the lyrics prompt a whirlwind of thoughts and associations concerning the state of the human race, dreams, war and peace, time and an awareness of life's ephemeral nature. This insight into our own limitations can bring peace and contentment ­ life in the here and now.

Nadador is Dudu Tucci's most mature CD, full of complex arrangements, great lyrics and wonderful compositions that often stay to haunt the listener.
The percussion arrangements blend seamlessly with the context of the songs and subtly underline their character. Dudu Tucci expertly combines traditional music styles with modern forms of musical expression: the chanting of the Repentistas from the north-eastern regions of Brazil turns into rap in "Cava Asfalto", which despite its contemporary style retains the brilliance and charm of long-standing tradition. Tucci demonstrates, once again, his talent as a multi-percussionist, imaginative lyricist and tasteful arranger.
On Nadador, he is harmoniously accompanied by Eudinho Soares on guitar and bass, and by Zito Ferreira from Angola on drums. And inspiration takes shape in the breezy vocals of Leticia Coura and Adriana Caparelli.

Dudu Tucci swims effortlessly and confidently in the ocean of Brazilian rhythms ­ and in the currents of popular music.

text: Klaus Urban translation : A. Schaphoff/D. Lewis